On the site of the new investment, in September 2020, we expanded the warehouse space by almost 900 m2.

The warehouse hall – built by the PROTAN-ELMARK company, made of a double-layer board with a connector connecting with the KTL production hall – has created further opportunities for the company's development.

For our regular Clients as well as the ones who would like to cooperate with us, we would like to perform our services at the highest global level with regard to coating details by means of the cataphoresis technology. In September 2019 we built and launched a fully automated KTL line. Its dimensions and parameters will allow to meet the highest requirements of our Clients from all industries and it increases our possibility to accept bigger volumes. It means that we are open to enter into cooperation with new potential Clients. On the basis of a together elaborated conception, the contractor was the company Tech-Mal and a German-Danish company Caldan. The new KTL line is located in a new company’s facility with 4,000 square m of surface along with new social, office rooms and laboratory.

Basic technical data:

  •   cycled line with 320 meters long conveyor Power&Free and two-track furnace for polymerization
  •   max. input dimensions for tank: 3500 x 900 x 1800
  •   max. load weight on the traverse 800 kg


The whole new investment is also:

  • storage hall with 500 square m of surface
  • hardened area, yard and internal road with 8,500 square m of surface
  • car parking for employees with illumination and green for 96 places
  • full technical infrastructure


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