1982 - beginning of the activity

Production of distilled water and electrolyte. Plant’s space in Odolanów - 36 square m Employment: 3 people

1987 - business profile change

Production of child swings of wood. Plant’s space in Odolanów - 56 square m Employment: 7 people

1989 - business profile change

Production of garden and office armchairs on the basis of bended pipe constructions.
Plant’s space in Odolanów - 250 square m
Plant’s space in Raczyce - 160 square m
Employment: 12 people

1996 - business profile change

Foundation of Przedsiębiorstwa Usługowo-Handlowego "de facto” [Service and Trading Company]. Powder coating with a manual application GEMA of garden swings and office armchairs constructions as well as entering into cooperation with regard to components painting for braking systems for Fiat 126 p for the company BOSCH.
Plant’s space in Raczyce: 460 square m
Employment: 14 people

1998 - coating technology change

Launch of the first small cataphoresis line in Raczyce. Details coating with new technology for the automotive industry.
Employment: 16 people

2000 - 2001
Company location change.
Construction of a new plant.

Launch of a new, bigger cataphoresis line at the new company’s facility in Kaczory. Details coating with new technology for the automotive industry.
Plant’s space: 1420 square m
Employment: 22 people

2006 - 2007

Launch of a second semiautomatic cataphoresis line, technical facilities and laboratory in the new company’s building. Items coating with new technology for the automotive industry on two cataphoresis line, designing and production of hangers, examinations in the salt chamber along with carrying out of many various tests on the KTL coating.
Plant’s space - 3150 square m
Employment: 67 people

2013 - 2014 company’s development

Launch of an automatic powder coating line with seven-zone unit for surface preparation with cyclone conversion and Wagner’s cabin with cyclone paint recovery system in the new company’s building. Extension of the service range by new technology of items powder coating not only for the automotive industry.
Plant’s space: 5300 square m
Employment: 80 people

2015 company’s development

Launch of the streaming and abrasive processing located in the new company’s plant, shot blasting machine with impeller and two-track conveyor of Y type (PG 18 x31/4TR 2P 0.5 T) as well as filter device. Product range extension with regard to items’ surface preparation for cataphoresis and powder coating processes.
Company’s space: 6030 square m
Employment: 129 people

2016 - sewage treatment plant construction

Launch of sewage treatment installation. Investment in environment improvement.

2017 - 2019 company’s development

Launch of a new, fully automated, big cataphoresis line at the new company’s facility along with social, office and storage facilities. Service range extension in cataphoresis painting. Possibility to meet the highest criteria and quality requirements of the client. Company’s space - 10,730 square m

Employment: 160 people

2020 – Expansion of warehouse space

The constructed tent hall with a connector with an area of almost 900 m2 increased the warehouse space and allowed for safer work on the recently launched modern KTL line. It has also created an opportunity to expand cooperation with new projects and new customers.
Company area - 11,600 m2

Employment: 185 people

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