Cataphoresis is one of the most modern technologies used to apply painting coat on various kinds of metal items, in particular on steel, galvanised, aluminium or cast-iron details for protection against corrosion. It consists in immersion coating with simultaneous flow of current through a bath of water-soluble paint. The electrically charged paint particles move in the lines of the electric field and cover the surface of the whole item, including the spots not accessible for painting by other method. The coat thickness depends on the applied voltage and time value and it ranges from 10 to 50 microns. The KTL coat meets very high resistance requirements, confirmed by test results carried out in salt chambers and in climatic chambers, where they remain even up to 1000 hours (salt chamber) in aggressive environments under humidity, warmth and salt. Moreover, this coat is characterised by high aesthetic values and the production process by small arduousness for the natural environment due to proportionally not large waste amount and small volatile contaminations during polymerization. Is as also a very efficient method which means that it is competitive towards other methods. Its only weak point is the harmfulness caused by UV rays influencing the coat, that is why the surfaces which are directly exposed to their influence are covered by other technologies (powder coating, spray painting and other). 

Regarding the KTL coating, we offer cooperation in two independent lines:

KTL line No. 1

New fully automated cycled line
(year of construction 2019)

Length: 96 running m
Width: 16 running m
Height: 8.5 running m

KTL line No. 1

Input parameters for tanks:
Length: 3500 mm
Width: 900 mm
Height: 1800 mm

KTL line No. 2

New fully automated cycled line
( rok budowy 2007 )

Length: 60 running m
Width: 11 running m
Height: 6 running m

KTL line No. 2

Input parameters for tanks:
Length: 3000 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 1500 mm

Installations for cataphoretic paint coatings - technological lines consisting of:

  • a range of tanks for surface preparation - including activation and zinc-phosphating,
  • coating tank, 
  • ultrafiltrate tanks,
  • DI water tanks,
  • air-blowing tank,
  • oven used for polymerization,
  • conveyer system.
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