We are open to every Client who would like to cooperate with our company and use our services. The product we offer has many precious values and correlations. It as a value added to the process of our Client and the processes occurring before and after it have impact on its function. We always try to clarify all aspects of cooperation before it starts and to improve it while it lasts. Thanks to the rich experience with support of chemical corporations, meeting the requirements of ISO/TS16949 and help from our Clients, we are able to improve our product continuously. We are characterised by: obtaining a very good cataphoretic coating, two lines using the same process, very good communication and logistics cooperation. These advantages along with a very good suppliers’ service, highly qualified team, continuously modernised equipment and improved management system have a direct impact on the gained trust and satisfaction of our Clients. High evaluations, obtaining responsible projects and tasks for the biggest corporations mainly from the automotive industry are the confirmation of that. 

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