Our company’s powder paint shop is a fully automated industrial line with seven-zone unit for surface preparation with zirconium conversion and automatic cabin Super Cube for applying powder coating of the Wagner company with cyclone recovery system. Spray processes for initial and main degreasing with additional trans-zonal rinsing ensure an effective application of zirconium conversion which creates a nano-ceramic coating. Its tightness guarantees the protection against corrosion as well as it impacts the achievement of uniform cover with electrostatic powder paint. The zirconium conversion is more environmentally friendly than other technologies, because it does not contains phosphates and it is free from volatile organic components as well as toxic heavy metals. The cabin Super Cube implemented in the line allows to change colours quickly and the cyclone recovery system reduces the powder paint losses and it has also positive influence on the coat quality. The last process is polymerization in a syphon gas furnace. A full automation with computer control ensures stability and repeatability of all processes of the whole line with full monitoring.

The line allows to paint the following dimensions:

Spatial dimension:

Length: 240 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 170 cm

Flat item:

Length: 290 cm
Width: up to 10 cm
Height: 170 cm

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