Our company started its activity in 1982. Until 1987 we were operative in production in the chemical industry. During the next two years we manufactured child swings of wood. 1989, we started production of garden and office furniture on the basis of bended pipe constructions which we continued for eleven years. Thanks to a free production capacity of the paint shop, 1996 we started cooperation with regard to powder coating of components for braking system for Fiat.

However, the automotive market required coating the components by technology of electrophoresis, i. e. applying organic coats with use of electrical current. Thanks to the contacts with specialists in this field, we have gained the necessary knowledge and 1998 we launched the first cataphoresis line. Along with the change of the company location, a new, bigger cataphoresis line in Kaczory has been built. With time, the acquired experience and position on the market allowed us to extend our activity. 2006, a new plant was created and we launched another line, technical facilities and laboratory.

To extend the range of services, 2014 a new, so far the biggest plant with 3500 square m of surface was launched with a modern painting line for powder coating, i. e. return to the process after 20 years with application of the newest technology, sewage treatment facility, office, logistics facilities and a shot blasting machine for streaming and abrasive processing.

Because we want to offer our regular Clients as well as the ones who would like to cooperate with us performing our services at the highest global level with regard to coating details by means of the cataphoresis technology, in September 2019 we built and launched a fully automated KTL line. Its dimensions and parameters will allow to meet the highest requirements of all industries.

Today, our company occupies 11,000 square m of the building surface in the area of 4.5 ha.

Today, our company means the newest technologies and experienced personnel.

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