The basic business of the company P.U.H. „de facto” is applying protection coatings in the cataphoresis technology and the technology of electrostatic powder coating. The main object of the company is to meet the client’s needs and expectations through ensuring the highest quality of the offered service with simultaneous care for the natural environment. All company’s actions are undertaken with full awareness of the impact on the environment and responsibility for the ecological area of the company’s activity.

The company P.U.H. „de facto” is a firm which is environmentally friendly.

Carrying out the production processes, the company:

  • observes all applying legal provisions with regard to the Environmental Protection,
  • keeps and continuously improves the environmental resources management system complying with the requirements of the norm ISO 14001 which is one of the main strategy elements of the company’s business,
  • understands ecological consequences of its activity. It monitors continuously the main environmental aspects. It identifies and prevents potential negative impacts on the natural environment condition through current and preventive maintenance of the used installations,
  • shapes its processes in the way that the impact results on the environment may be minimised. This activity is carried out in particular within the following scope:
    • waste management (by reasonable planning of material purchase, waste segregation at source of their generation and selective storage, transfer of waste to the authorised bodies)
    • water and sewage management (by sewage treatment after production to the required parameters, permanent oversight over amount and quality of sewage introduced to the sewage system machines)
    • packaging management (by permanent monitoring of the amount used in the packaging materials processes and measures for their replacement by reusable packaging)
    • emission to the air (by periodical measurements from the emission sources and care for technical condition of installations and devices)
  • uses raw materials and resources in the production processes which are safe for man as well as for the environment. It improves the technological processes by investing in devices reducing the potential adverse impact of its activity on the environment.
  • sets and realises important environmental purposes serving to fulfil the above objectives as well as evaluates the conformity of the carried out actions with the legal requirements
  • increases the ecological awareness of its employees by trainings and communicating the most important environmental issues. In actions related to the natural environment, it includes also its suppliers and contractors.
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