The streaming and abrasive processing system launched in the middle of 2015 (shot blasting machine with hanging system “Y” - PG type 18x31 4TR 2 P 0.5 T of the Italian leader company COGEIM EUROPE) contributed essentially to the extension of our offer with regard to items coating in our cataphoresis lines and in the automatic powder coating line. The surface cleanness has essential meaning for the quality as well as for the durability of cataphoretic and powder coatings. The application of the streaming and abrasive processing allows to separate contaminations, moulds, old coatings, rust and scale from the original material. Depending on the degree of surface preparation PN-ISO 8501, surface roughness PN-EN ISO 8503, client’s specification and type of the items cleaned, the appropriate process parameters are chosen along with the size of the applied blasting media. The streaming and abrasive processing takes place in a tight working chamber equipped with four blasting rotors. The coarse contaminations after the processing are automatically separated from the blasting agent which may be used again. The items are placed on special hangers which are introduced into the chamber by the top two transporting tracks (alternately). The shot blasting machines of such type are applied in plants with wide production range. Thanks to the installation of a PLC based on the software of the Siemens company, the operator has the possibility to change the operational mode quickly without the necessity to enter the settings manually.

Maximum input dimensions:

Height: 3100 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Max. load: 500 kg

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